Tuesday 2 – Wednesday 3 February, 2021 
۱۴۰۰ SGT /۱۷۰۰ AEST / ۰۶۰۰ GMT
Duration: 4 hours each day

In association with IIC Chapter Singapore

The IIC’s well respected annual Asia Telecom & Media Forum returns, albeit online. Regulators and policy makers from across the region will discuss the initiatives taken in response to the pandemic and how that will translate into objectives and priorities in 2021 and beyond. Addressing the connectivity and usage gaps laid bare by the pandemic will be the starting point for discussions focusing on infrastructure, capacity building to accelerate digital transformation for all, privacy, cybersecurity and trust post COVID-19, online platform responsibilities, content and online video – lock-down learnings, innovation & governance to support the digital and creative economies.

زمان دقیق سخنرانی اقای دکتر امامیان در پنل :

IIC Asia TMF: Online platform responsibilities, intermediary liability, and trust – the evolving picture

Wed Feb 3, 2021 10:30am – ۱۲:۱۰pm Iran Time

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